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Emergency Dentistry
Portland, OR

Concerned patient discussing her tooth pain with her dentist while sitting in a dental chair at Elliott Dentistry in Portland, ORA dental emergency can happen at any time. It is usually the result of trauma or injury to the face. If you have a dental emergency, or are experiencing any pain or discomfort that you may believe requires an emergency appointment, contact us at Elliott Dentistry at 971-274-4360. Taking immediate action can be necessary in order to save your tooth. Some situations that may constitute a dental emergency include lost crowns or fillings, an abscessed tooth, loose teeth, or broken or chipped teeth.

Lost Crown or Filling

Dental crowns and dentals fillings are often used in restorative and cosmetic dentistry to restore damaged teeth. If you notice crowns or fillings missing, you should seek help immediately. There are many causes of missing fillings or crowns. For instance, underlying conditions like cavities result in the loss of crowns or fillings. Having these dental appliances replaced as soon as possible is crucial. This is because there is a danger of increased sensitivity to the affected teeth. There is also an increased risk of tooth infections.

Abscessed Teeth

Cases of abscessed teeth also need emergency treatment. While it might seem less serious, abscessed teeth are a potentially life-threatening dental emergency. This condition occurs when the tooth pocket is filled with pus forming around the affected area. As a result, the tooth area will be infected, leading to a great risk to your oral health. Some of the signs of an abscessed tooth include foul breath, tooth sensitivity, and persistent and severe toothache. You can also experience fever and small swellings around the infected gum region. These conditions make it unbearable, and the patient will need emergency treatment. You need to come in for emergency dental care to prevent the condition from spreading to other parts of your mouth. Our team will administer emergency care and ensure the condition doesn't cause further damage. Note that there are several things you can do to address tooth abscesses before coming to our offices. For instance, you should rinse your mouth with salt water to eliminate some bacteria. Salt water will also help draw pus from the affected area. You can take painkillers to manage the pain.

Loose Teeth

There are many circumstances that result in loose teeth. For instance, you can engage in physical sports and get knocked down, injuring your tooth. A loose tooth is that which is still in your mouth but has been significantly weakened by impact. If you have a loose tooth, come to our offices right away. In most cases, loose teeth are treated with no risk of falling out. However, if you lose your tooth, you can get a replacement through cosmetic dentistry. This helps restore your smile and tooth functionality.

Other Dental Emergencies

There are many other emergency situations other than the ones described here. Anything that puts your oral health in danger and can worsen if left untreated falls under the emergency category, including chipped or broken teeth, or anything causing dental pain or trauma that has occurred in the mouth. Our emergency dentists are ready to work on these cases and ensure your oral health is restored.

Emergency Dentistry in Portland, OR

At Elliott Dentistry, we are available for your dental emergencies. Contact us at 971-274-4360 right away if you have a dental emergency.
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Emergency Dentistry Elliot Dentistry | dentist Portland OR
At Elliott Dentistry, we are available for your dental emergencies. Contact us at our office in Portland, Oregon right away if you have a dental emergency.
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