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Periodontal Care
Portland, OR

Diagram of periodontitis and health tooth at Elliott Dentistry in Portland, ORPeriodontal maintenance is extremely crucial to prevent the development of gum disease. Many factors contribute to its development, such as smoking, bacteria, and your immune system. Periodontal maintenance cleaning comes into play when it breaks the union of such factors and eventually prevents the onset of gum disease. It removes bacteria that may cause an inflammatory response. At Elliott Dentistry, we believe in not only providing quality services such as root planing and scaling but also in maintaining their effects through periodontal care.

What Happens in a Periodontal Maintenance Session?

A typical periodontal maintenance and care session includes a general discussion of your oral health, along with an assessment of oral health habits. Followed by that is an examination for any signs of tooth decay or other dental problems. Our professional also removes tartar and plaque and suggests an x-ray of your mouth, depending on your condition. After performing the tasks mentioned above, our dentist prescribes medicines if needed.

How Often Should You Go for Periodontal Maintenance?

Our professional decides on the number of times you should visit for maintenance, depending on how much inflammation you have. It is often recommended that you visit after every three months as bacteria linked with gum disease can appear again in the span of three months.

How Is Periodontal Maintenance Different From a Regular Cleaning?

A regular cleaning focuses mostly on the crown of your teeth. In contrast, a periodontal maintenance cleaning takes a step further and also focuses on cleaning across the roots and under the gums.

Is Periodontal Maintenance Important?

Since gum disease is incurable like any other chronic disease, you can only maintain it through frequent visits to our professional or by following good oral hygiene habits. Periodontal maintenance cleaning is the best way to reduce the inflammation in your gums. Moreover, it also helps in managing other inflammatory diseases which are chronic such as diabetes.

How Can You Manage Gum Disease on Your Own?

Managing gum disease by yourself is not entirely impossible as there are a number of things you can do to stop it from worsening. Some of the obvious habits to adopt include flossing and brushing regularly. However, it is also crucial for you to consume a diet full of antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3 to allow your body to fight inflammation. It is also imperative to quit smoking as it is a leading cause of gum disease.

Following our periodontal maintenance and care routine will do wonders to keep your oral health on track while ensuring that there is a decreased risk in your future for getting the disease. Therefore, in order to prevent tooth loss due to periodontal disease, we recommend following our professional’s guidelines carefully and retaining your natural teeth for a long time.

If you would like to have better oral health, then you must commit to periodontal maintenance. It helps you smile, speak, and chew with much more comfort and confidence. If you wish to prevent major dental issues in the future that would eventually lead to higher costs, then call us at 971-274-4360 or visit us at Elliott Dentistry today.
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If you wish to prevent major dental issues in the future that would eventually lead to higher costs, then call or visit us at Elliott Dentistry today.
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