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Porcelain Crown
Portland, OR

Rendering of jaw with dental crown at Elliott Dentistry in Portland, ORThe teeth which have gone through a deterioration process, have been shattered partially, been enfeebled by decomposition, or contain an immense amount of filling can be restored and revamped to their original appearance through the use of dental crowns. Crowns are caps that are shaped like teeth. Porcelain dental crowns provide a firm and robust structure to the teeth and exactly replicate them in terms of color and configuration. These dental crowns help cover seriously discolored teeth or a dental implant, and they also help to hold dental bridges in their specified place.

There are several types of dental crowns that can be distinguished based on their material. One of these types is the full porcelain crown. The full porcelain crowns are endorsed due to the fact that they are beneficial for the refurbishment of upper and lower front teeth. Our team of professionals at Elliott Dentistry can undoubtedly provide a long-term solution to broken teeth by equipping you with the state-of-the-art porcelain crowns for your teeth.

Why Are Porcelain Crowns Necessary?

The porcelain crowns are also recommended since they provide a more natural aspect and appearance to the teeth. As they are entirely made of porcelain, they adjust exceptionally well as they seem to be identical to your other teeth. Among all the types of crowns, they are the most preeminent and reliable option for front teeth restoration. Although porcelain crowns are not as tough as the metal ones, they last for a very long time. Since there is no metal used in this type of crown, there are no toxicity risks at all. While the most significant advantage of porcelain crowns is that they cannot only replicate the teeth' functioning, they can also be drafted and sketched to look even better than the original teeth.

Procedure for Porcelain Crown Treatment

Our team of experts will first prepare the required teeth to be crowned. After which, some part of the tooth's outer layer is removed through the filing process to obtain impressions of the tooth to be crowned. A temporary crown will then be placed over the tooth so that it remains unharmed. After this, the fabrication of the porcelain crown starts, and as soon as the porcelain crown is ready, we place it on the tooth. Although the porcelain crown treatment is a minor surgery, it still requires perfection and exactness as inexperienced practitioners can aggravate irritation, stiffness, and pain while chewing.

Who Requires A Porcelain Crown?

If you have a weak, damaged, or cracked tooth, you should consider consulting our team of professionals to obtain a proper porcelain crown. This type of crown would also help cover the tooth, which has gone through the root canal process and covers dental implants. They also help in cases that involve heavy amounts of filling. If you have gone through any of such processes, then you should consider visiting us.

It would help if you considered scheduling a consultation with our team of professionals to obtain an appropriate and perfect porcelain crown that fits perfectly to your teeth. For further information, call Elliott Dentistry at 971-274-4360 today.
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Our team of professionals at Elliott Dentistry equips you with the state-of-the-art porcelain crowns for your teeth. Call us and schedule an appointment today!
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